We created FACES OF DECA in 2020 to give dancers a chance to learn more about getting their face out there in the dance industry! We staff an expert faculty who is passionate about sharing these industry essentials:

- How to showcase chemistry and connection with new dancers when auditioning for a casting director

- Choreography retention, spatial awareness and the importance of holding a formation during the casting process

- Musicality and improvisation techniques for when casting directors ask dancers to improv

- How to prepare professional materials for virtual submissions

We know how many opportunities there are for dancers to audition for intensives, summer programs and even internships and they all require professional media as part of the submission process. Each FACES OF DECA attendee walks away with a professional headshot that they learn how to pose and dress for as well as professionally edited footage of their improv that can be used for future audition reels.

The dance industry is huge! AND intimate! And WONDERFUL. We are all very connected - everyone knows someone who knows someone we know. This industry has been built on dancers helping dancers for generations. Learning how to connect with other artists is crucial to building a network of support and our built in icebreakers and group activities throughout the day are fun ways for these dancers to practice that.



JULY 28TH, 2024


Studio owners will receive emails throughout the season to pass along to FACES OF DECA invitees and their families. To register, please email facesofdeca@gmail.com or use the QR code on the invite your dancer received. Registrations must be completed by June 1st.

Faces of DECA is a distinctive DECAdance event held at the very end of every competition season! It is a one-day gathering that includes comraderie, choreography and a group video where all dancers get to perform! Each dancer gets their own complimentary photo shoot and everyone enjoys a catered lunch where we offer icebreakers and chances to connect with dancers from multiple studios.

All dancers who attend a DECAdance Competition event are eligible to receive an invite. Our Special Awards Judge selects dancers for FACES OF DECA from each event in the DECAdance Competition season. These invites are not reserved for a specific skill level - we celebrate a diverse group of ages, abilities and skill levels at our FACES OF DECA event every year.

In addition, all title winners and all dancers achieving the highest scoring solo in all age divisions are invited to attend each season. Glam'r Gear Special Award recipients, DECAdent Dancer recipients, and 110% Award recipients receive automatic invites. For questions about FACES OF DECA, please email facesofdeca@gmail.com.


We are proud to partner with these amazing industry leaders who are paving the way for a healthy and inclusive dance industry for ALL. Not just dancers, but adjudicators, studio owners, artistic leaders, educators, families and their communities as well.

Read more about our partnerships and their contributions to DECAdance Conventions and Competitions here!


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