Our goal with DECAdance Nationals? To get these dancers in front of as many educators as possible. In addition to our four-judge panel, we're bringing in separate adjudicators for Sunday's dance-off, amazing guest educators for classes, and we're hosting a roundtable discussion for title entries.

Did someone say... WATER PARK?!

We didn't choose just any venue for our first Nationals event on July 11-14, 2024. We believe in unique experiences and one-of-a-kind events where everyone goes home fulfilled.

That's why we chose Camelbak Lodge in the Poconos (PA) to close out our 2024 Celebration Tour. Our DECAdance Nationals event includes:

  • A resort package that INCLUDES parking, unlimited use of Camelback Lodge's Indoor Waterpark and discounted resort fees

  • Specialty classes and workshops with our amazing roster of educators

  • Giveaways, scholarships and special Nationals awards offered in collaboration with our industry partners

  • Post-Event Recharge gathering for teachers and studio owners

  • Spirit Days and Dancer Only Events to encourage connection and comradery

  • Student Choreography: Student choreographers from Season 5 will work with our DECAdance choreographers for the Nationals Opening Number

  • Studio Dance Off: Every single attending studio invited to perform a group number

  • Legacy Cup: Performances from our six highest scoring groups of the season


We're really excited to announce our approach to Title for soloists at DECAdance Nationals 2024. Dancers competing for Title will participate in classes that are carefully planned to stretch them beyond their comfort zone. Educators will observe and consider the dancers' participation in the overall score for Title. We'll host a roundtable discussion for these dancers to share how they would like to see the arts supported in their community (bringing the advocacy portion closer to home and relevant to the dancer's lived experience no matter their age). And our version of the classic "interview" will be a solo improv session in a genre of the dancer's choice (as long as it is different than their solo entry) to express themselves through the movement that comes easiest to them.


We are proud to partner with these amazing industry leaders who are paving the way for a healthy and inclusive dance industry for ALL. Not just dancers, but adjudicators, studio owners, artistic leaders, educators, families and their communities as well.

Read more about our partnerships and their contributions to DECAdance Conventions and Competitions here!


If you are ready to reserve a competition date or have any questions, let us know!

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